About Us

Passion may be a friendly or eager interest in or admiration for a proposal,
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Our Vision

Charity Print
Quality Print at Wholesale Rates

Charity Print is family owned and operated. It was founded with the concept of providing wholesale pricing to charities nationwide for large format event signage. After over a decade of providing event signage through our sister companies American Signs and Stepandrepeat.com, we noticed a trend of Charities having a frustrating experience in finding a reliable print company with affordable pricing. As our 501C3 clientele started to increase we began to see the many hardworking and dedicated people that were really committed to making a change in our world. As a parent of children with development handicaps, I know firsthand the challenges they face and how important organizations that support helping people in need can affect their lives. Beyond that we celebrate the spirit of care and advancement in all good endeavors. We welcome you to join our effort and thank you for joining and supporting Charity Print.

Cynthia Ireland

Founder and CEO